the Grand Canal's Application for the World Cultural Heritage
 ¡¤ Hangyong Canal Ningbo Section accommodates 500-ton level ships
 ¡¤ ¡®To Meet The Grand Canal¡¯ tour ends in Wuqing, Tianjin

  If the Great Wall is said to be the backbone of the Chinese people, then the Grand Canal is the flesh and blood of the Chinese. Currently many people know the Great Wall, but they have no id...

¡¤ Zhong Canal
¡¤ Southern Canal
¡¤ Northern Canal and Tonghui River
¡¤ San Antonio Mission Community Quest For World Heritage Status
¡¤ The Grand Canal And The Water Towns
¡¤ The Beauty Of The Grand Canal
¡¤ China to Begin Grand Canal Restoration Project
¡¤ China Upgrades Waterlocks on Section of Grand Canal
¡¤ Summary on Cultural Relics Protection Technology
Grand Canal in Spring and Autumn Period

    In the late Spring and Autumn Period (722-481 BC), Fuchai, the Duke of Wu (present-day Suzhou), ventured nor

Grand Canal from Tang to Yuan
Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal
Ming Dynasty restoration
Canal Creates Economic Wander

    Over the past several thousand years, the Beijing-Hangzhou canal has contributed to much of the city's prosp

Grand Canal to Become Water Highway
South-North Water Transfer Project
The economical effect of the Grand Canal
     ¡¤ Section in Zhejiang Province
     ¡¤ Section in Shandong Province
     ¡¤ Section in Jiangsu Province
     ¡¤ Section in Henan Province
     ¡¤ Section in Anhui Province
Grand Canal proposed to be included in world heritage list
    Chinanews, Beijing, Mar. 7 ¨C ¡°If the Great Wall is said to be the backbone of the Chinese people, then the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand...
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